History & Company Highlights

1965 The company was founded by Peter Weckerle in a garage in Peißenberg, Bavaria, Germany, used as mechanical workshop.
1970 Move and expansion of the Weckerle company.
1971 Start of the development of the first fully automatic lipstick filling machine.
1973 Construction of a new workshop in Peißenberg.
1974 The first lipstick filling machine was sold.
1975 2 filling machines were sold to Max Factor USA. 3 lipstick machines were sold to Russia to a plant in Riga.
1976 Sales of additional lipstick filling machines to France and Beiersdorf AG Hamburg for the Labello lip balm stick production.
1977 Patent application for turnable cosmetic stick.
1978 Sale of 23 lipstick filling machines to Russia.
1979 Consulting contract with Max Factor in the USA. Weckerle Sales Corporation, in Torrance, L.A., USA was founded. Construction of an office building in Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany.
1980 Start of contract filling of lipsticks in Starnberg.
1984 Expansion of the company by renting a new workshop in Weilheim, Bavaria, Germany. Introduction of its own cosmetic brand name COSART.
1983 Thomas Weckerle, the son of Mr. Peter Weckerle, joined the company.
1988 Acquisition of the former Stahlgruber building in Weilheim with option to expand the property.
1993 Development of the worlds fastest tube filling machine.
1994 Introduction of the brand name COSELLE for pharmacies.
1995 Construction of new building for plastics injection moulding in Peißenberg. Weckerle do Brasil was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
1997 Construction of an additional production hall in Weilheim.
1997-99 Acquisition of the Fichter company, machine manufacturing for the paint and furniture industry in Stockach.
1998 Building of 2 additional production halls in Weilheim and Peißenberg. Founding of Weckerle SA in LeLocle, Switzerland.
1999 Development of the new high-speed tube filling machine for dual product, tube-in-tube technology. Construction of production facilities and offices in LeLocle. Construction of a sales office for Coselle and Cosart in Weilheim.
2000 Expansion in Weilheim.
2000 Thomas Weckerle becomes owner and President (CEO) of the Weckerle Group.
2001-2002 Innovation that makes sense:
Development and launch of the new Weckerle MultiMould lipstick filling machine generation: MM 180 and MM 060.

The Introduction of these reliable MultiMould filling machines offers unlimited possibilities and gives "low-maintenance" a completely new meaning. Development and launch of the Weckerle Mould Cleaning Device.
2002-2004 Further development of the Weckerle MultiMould filling machines and Weckerle Mould Cleaning Device.
2004-2005 Development and launch of new Weckerle Cartoning machine.
2005-2006 Development and launch of new Weckerle moulding table for lipstick filling machines with dockable chambers for quick and easy format change.
2006 Highlight:
Development and launch of new Weckerle FAL 060 flexible assembly line for lipstick filling and FlexFill machines. The main advantages of this FAL 060 are its flexibility, modularity and quick format change. It can be combined with labelling, cartoning and sleeving machines.
2006-2007 Development and launch of the new Weckerle FlexFill machines and assembly line. The Weckerle FlexFill line is designed for the utmost flexibility due to its modular machine concept (mechanical and electrical) and its quick colour change. A great variety of products can be produced with this FlexFill machine, such as mascara, lip gloss, lip and eyeliner and cream powder and even swirl products can be filled. A wide range of packaging material can be filled, such as pans, jars, tubes, boxes and deodorant sticks. Machine standstills are minimized.
History & Company Highlights
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